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About Bullseye Auto Repair, LLC
OWNER : Joe Palermo
​About The Owner : Joe is an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician with 15 years experience in the automotive repair industry. In both the aftermarket repair environment and dealership repair environment. Joe also holds his X-1 and G-1 certification as well as his MACS certification from ASE. 

Q&A Forum 

Q: Will you come to our shop and diagnose a vehicle?

A: Yes, we are mobile and provide advanced level diagnostics brought right to your shop.

Q: Will you come to our shop and program or re-flash a vehicle we may or may not have done a repair on?

A: Yes, these services are provided to your shop on a mobile basis.

Q: Do all modules need programmed or re-flashed?

A: Please review the service information pertaining to  specific modules or controllers to verify they need programmed after installation. Re-flashing is the replacement of current software files on a vehicles specific controller in order to correct certain issues identified by the auto maker that require replacement with new software or updated to current calibration levels. Please check service information for the specific vehicle your working with for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) that may pertain to an issue your dealing with.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: Bullseye Auto Repair, LLC employs a wide variety of OE Level and after market tools in it's arsenal to assist your shop in being as efficient and productive as possible. Some include GM MDI with GDS software, GM Tech 2, Ford VCM with IDS software, Chrysler WItech Pod, Toyota Techstream with TIS software and Honda's MVCI with Honda Service Information software as well as quality equipment from Snap On Tools and Drew Technologies.

Q: Why did you start Bullseye Auto Repair,LLC?

A: We all know the competitive nature of this business. We started this business to assist shops in keeping all repairs in house. Which allows you to give superior service to your customer with a timely repair. Cutting out the need to schedule your shops time and manpower around a dealers schedule will benefit all parties involved in multiple ways. We are bringing the dealership to you and hitting the mark in automotive repair in this tech savvy day and age we live in.

Q: Why choose Bullseye Auto Repair, LLC?

A: We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time. Having the ability to pick up the phone and allow us to come to you provides freedom in your shop for other issues that relate to daily business and productivity. Our guarantee to you is, if at anytime it is discovered that a diagnostic service, program, or re-flash we did was done incorrectly it will be remedied at no cost to your shop, you, or your customer.